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Dr. Hasan Al-bash

Despite of that studies which studied Zionist poetry analytically are so little, we have some in hand. This poetry –as a literary kind- needs to spotlight and to proper analysis in form and content on one hand and for the religious, historical and intellective aspects on the other hand.

It is normal not to study Zionist poetry works which come after Palestine occupation 1948 without acquainting with the early works that accompanied with the prime Zionist calls in Europe to establish what called national home for Jews in Palestine.
Also we have to pay attention to the historical phases which have affected Zionist poetry and forced poets to handle it according to the circumstances that Jews lived under. We can also notice the following:
1- Zionist poetry which has written in (Al Idiesh) language which is a mixture from Hebrew and certain European dialects. Eastern Europe poets was privileged in it like: Ahad Ham . And the known Zionistic poet Mnaheem Nahman Bialeek (1883-1934) and Yahooda A'amakhay later.
Those three are considered the most prominent Zionist poets in establishing phase for Zionist notion in spite of that Yahooda A'amakhay come later than Ahad Ham and Mnaheem Bialeek historically.
2- Zionist Israeli poetry: it is the product of Zionist poets after rising Zionistic entity. It extends from the Catastrophe until now and contains what called crises and wars poets like: 1956 war- 1967 war- 1973 war- 1982 war and the later.
3- Zionist poetry that written by poets out of occupied Palestine. Those poets did not come to Palestine, however they wrote Zionist poetry maybe in Hebrew or in languages of the European countries that lived in.
In truth, these three kinds of this poetry hover in the same domain of Zionist notion regardless of different expressional styles, circumstances reflections or outer literary effects.
When we spotlight these kinds and poetics phases of Zionist poetry, we will be perplexed between two forms for study and criticism. The first one leads us to consider Zionist poetry an adversarial and racial one that has evil and ugly sorts and the other considers it an objective one, so we study it according to artistic and critical principles that belong to local and universal literary criticism trends.
We acknowledge that none of authors or critics can be neutral completely, also we acknowledge according to our study and the studies of many universal critics that Zionist poetry is a direct one in language and in presenting ideas. In result, it approaches emblems more than high artistry of poetry principles especially the recent Zionist poetry which affected by the outer poetics trends. So, we still wonder: what is the aim of studying Zionist poetry?
Isn't that a device to spread this poetry among pundits of Palestinian people? or spotting light this poetry needs deep study on our part to show its racialism and the reflection of Zionist ideas on it? or when we study we should suppose that our study if reach the other world it will unmask this poetry with all hate trends for humans , its grudge for humanity and superiority to who is non Jewish?
We think that studying Zionist enemy needs wide integral comprehensiveness. And we are in everlasting war with him on the military, political, social and communal levels. And knowing this enemy is the most important weapon that support us in confronting his strategies and Zionist project. However, we should explain the content of Zionist poetry so that our young poets know how their vision can serve their revolutionary fighting ideas that defend our rights in Palestine. This will be similar to what Zionist poets have done in serving the intellective Zionist project and that will force us to make our poetry content serves the thought and culture of resistance.
Learning Zionist poetry deeply allow us to know strong relation between intellectuals and Zionist theorist on one hand and poetics product of Zionist poets on the other, and know the huge paradox between us and them.
In order to learn lessons we have to clarify that any Zionist poet has a direct linkage with the political literary foundation. And that linkage clarify that any Zionist poet receives intellective nutrition directly from the political Zionist foundation and the poetry which appeared simultaneously with Zionist invasion to Lebanon (1982) represents a good example of that. As there were dozens of Zionist poets who synchronized this war in their directive seditious poetry daily and even hourly while some of them have participated in well- known massacres on Palestinian people in Sabra, Shatila and others.
Actually, the abundant production of Zionist poetry synchronized with 1982 war had a great seditious impact on Jews of settlements and big cities in occupied Palestine. That is to say the aggregations in Zionist entity then were charged politically, literarily and culturally hourly till the whole society became in a big racial motivation case against Arabs in general and Palestinians particularly.
Moreover, all poetics products of Zionist poets who wrote in Jewish expressing their racism and provocation for fighting did not receive any interest or translation outer Palestine except to Arabic.
But, Europeans haven't get acquainted with that racial poetics product and that was intended by Zionist political literary foundations in order to let the west not able to recognize that this entity with its inboard political product and culture was none other than a crude racial one with distinction. And it is remarkable that young Zionist poets had the most important role in producing that poetry due to their crude racism and foolhardiness.
If we search for the racial sources of Zionist poetry, we will find two essential sources:
The first is the Torah and Talmud explanations and the other is the essential texts of Zionist concept.
When we examine numerous of poems which synchronized with Zionist wars, we will see the reflections of bloody holy writ of Youshaa distinctly in them. This holy writ shows that the slaughters which committed by Youshaa in Palestine happened by the order of the god. And this is found directly in many Zionist poems.
So, we see some poets instigate soldiers of Zionist army to follow in Youshaa's footsteps in committing slaughters and eradication wars against Palestinians.
Also racial teachings of Talmud are existing in the vision of this poetry. And it is known that these teaching is the base of a racial Jewish theory which decide that all who are non-jewish are Ghoweem (foreigners that must treated like animals ). Moreover, these teachings call for killing every who is non Jewish due to the allegation that Jews are blessed and have created from the spirit of God but Ghoweem have created from impurities.
Then, the essential Zionist texts are the prime Zionist theories that have released from Zionism makers as: Hertzil, Max Nourlaw and Jabo Tenski. Then Mnaheem Beigen , Shameer, Ben Jourion and Gholda Ma'eer.
These intellectual political texts have reflected distinctly in Zionist poetry that emerged after Palestine occupation and establishing Zionist entity.
In Zionist poetry, Palestine has presented as land without inhabitants for a people with no place to live in and the Arabic human presented in the worst figure; he is a rascal abject crook who has no dignity as animals and he must be pursued and exterminated. It is the right of Jew to do anything illegal to access his aim in wars against Palestinians and Arabs.
For a start, we have to denote that details and critic study for this Zionist poetry will tell us on thousands of concepts that displayed by this poetry and still affecting the Zionist aggregation with crude racial effects which appeared on the conduct and the psychological dimensions of the contemporary Zionist personality.


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